First I would like to thank a trekkie named NEELIX
For creating a chat room without a helix
The people you meet are really nice
The talk is great you will chat more than twice
I would like you to meet the chatters I have met 
They are the best friends you could ever get
If your nick is missing do not drop a bomb
Just send me an email at

Thunder and Crow and Dierna are there 
Along with Phaser Babe and Angel and Teddy Bear
Jubilee, Sable and China too
There's picard and Vash and CatGirlNuku
Athene and Tribble and Kimbra and Tuvok
Starfire and Ital and Janeway and Garak
Pooh Bear and Heather and Mira and Winter
Who can forget Sundownwer and Worf and Kramer

Captain Saran and Jadzia and starling and spawn
Ramoth and Jim and an angel and Devils Pawn
Bones and Hawkeye and Soleta are very nice
But we can not forget LOA and B'Elanna and Babyspice
Cat and Changling and Topanga and the Obsessive C
Trelane and WebQ and QC and Smiley
There is Shadowfax and Gul Bellack and 7 of 9
Without whom we would never have a great time

My good friends Meggie and Chris
Are two more people you do not want to miss
To leave out SCOTTY and Jewel
Would be very nasty and cruel
So come and visit in my chat is where it is at

Dr Sexy and Styx and Galaxia and Thyme
Without them I could no longer rhyme
Then theres Jade and Anica and Anissa too
Along with lurkers in red, white and blue
Dragonfly and Jordan frequent the chat
Shuttleboy and Saavik also know where it's at
This poem of course will never be complete
Because at this chat there are always new people to meet

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