Riding down that open highway
My custom Corvette doing ninety
It's just plain to see
I love being wild and free

No other cars coming down the road
Can't see truckers pulling a load
Heading east where I will reach my abode
Slow down, don't want to hit that toad.


Sitting at a table with just my girl
Happiest man in the whole wide world
Waiting for the music to set us free
Come on lets dance just you and me

The band started to play a country song
Not to loud but nice and long
We want to dance the night away
Under the candlelight is where we will stay.


I was sitting under the apple tree
Looking up to the sky
Noticed a movement next to me
When you came walking by

I was astounded by your beauty
You walked with so much grace
I felt it was my duty
To bring you to my place

We have been together a very long time
Going through the ups and downs of life
So glad that you are mine
Happy you are my wife.


You said that you would come to me
But between us there is a tree
A tree so tall and green
Looking down upon this scene

My eyes go searching everywhere
They look but they do not stare
Over the hill I see you bound
Not hearing any other sound

A hush comes over this site
As dusk turns into moonlight
I hold your face between my hands
By the place the tall tree still stands.

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